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2016-01-09 13:37:26 by SynchronicBeat

It all just started in 1984 when I bought a C64. I used this computer to play games only and to write little BASIC-programs. Later I began to be more and more interested in music and started to compose a few pieces.
In 1989 I bought the Amiga 500 and it doesn't took much time to finish some cool songs. The Amiga was a great computer but the quality of the sound wasn't good enough for me.
In 1991 I stopped my activities as a musician on the computer.
In 1995 I bought my first PC, a Pentium 133 with a Terratec-soundcard and sequencer-software. Now I was starting to compose again and founded the music-project 'Synchronic Beat' in 1997.
In October 1998 I went online with my homepage.
After 2002 I didn't finished any more songs and stopped composing again in 2005.
Since 2010 I am back for a new start with new equipment and new ideas.